Tiny Telphone Oakland

Opened: January 2016
Full gear list here
Multitrack: Analog: Studer 820 2″ 24trk (2)
Digital: Pro Tools on Mac Pro
Console: 64-Channel Neve 8068, totally restored by tech genius Garry Creiman. The console features the best modules Neve ever made, the glorious 31102. It’s the last Class A design of their 70s input modules, utilizing the exact same circuitry as a 1073, but adding more EQ points, mid band hiQ,  and a switchable top shelf (10k, 12k, 16k). The console has been brought back to its original functionality, recapped, and calibrated.
Mix down: ATR 102 1/2″ (rebuilt by ATR Services)
Monitoring: ATC SCM100, Yamaha NS-10s, Auratones
Our control room was tuned by Bob Hodas
ADC TT bays; Mogami and Canare cabling