studio A

Opened: September 1997
Multitrack: Analog: Studer 827 2″ 24trk
Digital: Pro Tools HD2 on Mac Pro with 24 I/O, 2 Lynx Aurora converters.
Entire system is run on a TrippLite UPS.
Console: Neve 5316, all discrete 50 input console, with 30 33114 EQ/mic pre channels, 8 aux sends, 8 groups, 16 monitor (8 aux on monitor also). Built in 1976 for the BBC. Completely transformer balanced, uses 438 and 440 op amps and 33415 line amps throughout. Utilizes circuitry of Neve 8078 series consoles; the electronics of 33114s have same topography as 31105 modules. We added 6 Neve 31102 modules (arguably the best 3-band Class A pres Neve made) in the jukebox. Recapped in June 2002. This console is in excellent condition.
Mix down: Ampex ATR-102 1/2″ w/ Flux Magnetics extended heads (fully restored by Mike Spitz at ATR Service)
Monitoring: Focal Solo 6 BE, Yamaha NS-10
ADC and Neve longframe patch bays; Mogami and Canare cabling
Floor plan

studio B

Opened: April 2011
Multitrack: Analog: Studer 827 2″ 24trk
Digital: Pro Tools 9 on M with 32 I/O Lynx Aurora w/ Mac Pro
Console: Customized Neotek Elite II. The Elite features full inline capabilities with 26 busses, and 5 Aux sends (4 mono, one Stereo). The desk is a 40 channel frame loaded with 40 mono dual input channels. Each channel has an excellent 4-band sweepable EQ, with high and low peak shelves. The 2 Mid bands can be switched between normal and narrow bandwidth. The Elite is well-known for being the A room console at Albini’s Electrical Audio.
Mix down: ATR 102 1/2″
Monitoring: Focal Solo 6 BE w/ Focal sub, Yamaha NS-10s
Our control room was tuned by Bob Hodas
ADC TT bays; Mogami and Canare cabling

studio C (aka Tiny Telphone Oakland)

Opened: January 2016
Multitrack: Analog: Studer 820 2″ 24trk
Digital: Pro Tools on Mac Pro
Console: Neve 8068
Mix down: ATR 102 1/2″
Monitoring: ATC, Yamaha NS-10s, Auratones