John Vanderslice, owner of Tiny Telephone in SF, has hosted Mike Watt, Deerhoof and Death Cab for Cutie… and he’s renowned for his shaman-like knowledge of tone.” – Wired

“The casual vibe has translated into remarkable recordings, including the high-water marks in several bands’ oeuvres.” – SF Weekly

“An eclectic roster of engineers ensure constant traffic from some of the hippest bands around.” – Mix Magazine


Tiny Telephone was opened in September of 1997 to provide affordable hi-fi recording to San Francisco’s independent music community. We have two (and soon three!) wonderful studios to work in.

- Our 1700 sq. ft. A room has 3 main recording rooms, a classic discrete Neve, and tons of keyboards, including a Hammond B3 and Yamaha grand piano.
- Our 1200 sq. ft. B room, built in 2011 to accommodate demand, has an excellent sounding main room and 2 iso rooms.
- Our forthcoming C room, currently under construction and opening in Oakland in 2015, will be our largest recording space (45′ X 60′ with 23′ wood ceilings), anchored by a 64-channel Neve 8068.

Both the A and B rooms have Studer 827 2″, Ampex ATR 102 1/2″, Pro Tools HD, and Bob Hodas-tuned control rooms.  There are two beautiful pianos (a 1904 Steinway grand and a 1904 Story & Clark upright) and tons of shared instruments available, including a vast collection of guitars, basses, amps, and mono/poly synths.

Since I am painfully addicted to buying audio gear, our gear list will only improve. We’re right in the Mission in a gated, private compound with easy parking and Ritual Coffee. Tiny Telephone is stridently democratic, we encourage bands from all genres and experience levels to record here. Go to our FAQ to get detailed information about rates, directions and deposit info.

Tiny Telephone A room is $375 a day, the B room is $275. Engineers are $200-$350 a day. Please email or call me to get more information or book days. We are booked at least one month in advance so please plan ahead. Our pricing is clear and transparent and we are happy to help you accurately budget a record or project.

Magik*Magik Orchestra is the official house orchestra of Tiny Telephone. M*MO is a modular group of symphonic players that can ordered up as needed, from a single bass clarinet, to an 60-piece ensemble. Magik has worked with Walkmen, Explosions In The Sky, Jonny Greenwood, and Death Cab For Cutie (video). Videos of Magik are here, here, and here. Magik changed my life, I highly recommend you email Minna if you’re interested in orchestral arrangements and players.

Please email me if you’d like a studio tour, I usually schedule a few every week. I’m happy to give anyone a tour, I don’t care if you’re booking the studio or just visiting the Mission. Often late mornings and weekends work best.

-John Vanderslice

some videos